Data Engineering

Whether you process gigabytes per second on a large cluster or gigabytes per day on a single server we will pick a suitable technology and propose a solution tailored to your use case. We help you ingest the data from variety of sources, align them, build robust data pipelines and scalable storage. Depending on your needs we can build you a data warehouse with all the necessary ETL / ELT processes or design a data lake making the data available for further use in Machine Learning and Data Science.

Our data engineers have significant experience working with various, even extremely large, volumes of data. They have excellent track of records designing and implementing batch and stream processing, and the combination of the two. We help you connect the data pipeline to your data storage or integrate them with your digital products and services.

We will be happy to conduct data engineering projects through the complete lifecycle, including maintenance, and long-term support. Our engineers can provide an additional value to your existing data team introducing new technologies and promoting good engineering practices. If you have ambitious plans, but no enough qualified people to implement them – we can help to fill the gap.

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