• Dbt Insights
    Don’t expect magic from dbt and don’t expect it will fix all your problems. Instead, expect to get a stable framework that makes your project as simple as possible. The only side effect of simplification I noticed is that I face much fewer problems and the ones I encounter are usually simple to debug. Bear
  • That’s dbt? WOW!
    If you’re data enthusiast, it’s definitely worth trying. DBT (data build tool) is relatively fresh (v. 1.2) and open-source tool that perfectly fills the gap in data engineering stack. It’s dedicated for data engineers that love to code and hate to drag-and-drop. Particularly, for analytics engineers that work somewhere between data engineers and data analysts
  • Rough waters of the Data Lake
    There is no single definition of what the data lake is. Moreover, there have been many misconceptions around the idea. To understand the concept we move back to its origins.
  • What is a data warehouse?
    The concept of a data warehouse is quite old, it originates from late 1980’s. Yet, in our practice we find out the term “data warehouse” is often misunderstood. The presence of a similar term, a data lake, does not makes things easier and the two concepts are frequently confused or mixed.
  • Notes on dimensional modelling
    In the other post on Coronavirus reporting we touched briefly the topic of dimensions. In particular we discussed about the temporal dimension. Since dimensional modelling is a basic concept in the data warehouse design it deserves a separate post. The temporal dimension is commonly used in practically every business and science domain. Time / date
  • On Coronavirus Analytics and Reporting
    The evolution of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic triggered an enormous interest in crunching the available data. There are plenty of data on this topic readily available, which makes this task to appear particularly easy. Both official institutions and individuals have created a number of various visualisations, of various quality and various practical usefulness. I must
  • Statement on Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak
    The recent outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 has got significant impact on economy, both on global and local scale. It has already affected many business domains, directly or indirectly. The tourism sector was hit directly, but there are also decline in trade and significant challenges in manufacturing and logistics. Several major events and conferences all over
  • Why do we work remotely?
    At the time of writing it is year 2019. Yes, 2019. Not 1819 โ€“ the middle of Industrial Revolution, not 1919 โ€“ when the Hours of Work (Industry) Convention was established, but 2019. It was just few months ago when we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first man landing on the Moon. World Wide
  • Working in the office and productivity
    Is the time spent in the office more productive comparing to the time worked elsewhere? Apparently not. At least not when in comes to open-space offices, by far the most popular now. There are more distractions, which means less focus. The open-space office, with its inherent noise and lack of privacy, greatly contribute to that.