How we work

We focus on delivering expert advice and building quality software matching customers’ needs. That is why we start with understanding the specific problem the customer wants to solve. We do not come with “one size fits all” solution, we strive to pick the tools and technologies most suitable for the problem. Of course, to be successful we need to understand not only the technical or business problem itself, but also the whole broader context.

To do so at the beginning of each project our consultants or engineers spend a few days on-site with the customer. They talk with stakeholders trying to see the same topic from different angles. They also spend time with customer’s employees, understanding the organisational culture and internal working style. The knowledge gained over that time is then used to propose a suitable solution and to successfully drive the project execution. In case of longer projects we visit our customers regularly, typically every couple of weeks.

Internally, we adopt fully flexible and (almost) fully remote working style. We put productivity over presence. We are here to do the work, not to make the appearance. We respect our engineers as much as we respect our customers. Thus, we give them opportunity to work how they like and where they like. And we strongly prefer to charge our customers for the work done or hours productively worked, not for hours spent in the office or irreversibly wasted in train, plane or public transport.

We believe it is better that way. For everyone.

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