About us

Narwhal Data Solutions emerged from the need for high-quality, vendor-independent data engineering, analytics and data science services. Our goal is to make sense out of data and assist you in creating business value out of them. Our team of highly skilled engineers can cover vast area of data-related topics and provide complete, end-to-end solutions even to the most challenging problems.

Narwhal Data Solutions has been founded and lead by Dr. Marek Strzelczyk. He gained his experience working on forefront of technology and science in world-leading scientific institutions (CERN), large technology companies, as well as in innovative startups. Since 2017 he has worked as independent consultant. Then he started building a team of data experts which eventually become what the company is today.

Since 2020 the company operates as Narwhal Data Solutions GmbH. We initially began in Berlin, Germany, where our headquarters is, however, we have ever since worked or collaborated with companies in other places in Germany and Europe. Most of our clients are small & medium enterprises (SME) or startups.

We believe in facts, and we ensure our customers operate based on actionable information. Our goal is to help companies understand their data and use them for competitive advantage, acting with precision. In other words, we help companies build data processing and analytics systems properly.