Data Warehouse

The data warehouse is essential for complete and accurate business reporting and analytics. By integrating the data from various systems and sources into a single data warehouse we create a place where all the business relevant data are easily available for further analysis. We conceive the data model which reflects your business processes and allows to calculate the KPIs in the consistent manner.

Depending on your needs and technical environment you operate in we help you select the optimal database technology. Broad experience with a number of tools let us pick the most suitable ones for the given business context. As the result we create customised solutions adopted to particular needs. Our data engineers will build the data pipelines to collect the data and implement the data transformations making the data readily available for analytics and reporting. In the process we take care of the data quality and make sure the data are complete and conformed. Data quality checks, alerting, notifications or more sophisticated anomaly detection using Artificial Intelligence will complement the solution.

With our assistance you will create a data warehouse that provides a central and trustworthy basis for data management and provisioning for reporting and analysis. Such a data warehouse will be a central piece of a modern, self-service Business Intelligence system. The reports and dashboards built on top of the data warehouse makes the key information available to the management at every moment.

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