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AI, ML, and BI: Unravelling the Intricate Threads of Data-Driven Technologies
The digital age, characterised by an ever-increasing data deluge, continues to challenge traditional information processing methodologies and paradigms. This era is fuelled by the abundance of relatively cheap computing power and sophisticated computational disciplines such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Business Intelligence (BI) which have been growing faster than ever as pivotal […]
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Notes on dimensional modelling
In the other post on Coronavirus reporting we touched briefly the topic of dimensions. In particular we discussed about the temporal dimension. Since dimensional modelling is a basic concept in the data warehouse design it deserves a separate post. The temporal dimension is commonly used in practically every business and science domain. Time / date is commonly considered as an […]
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On Coronavirus Analytics and Reporting
The evolution of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic triggered an enormous interest in crunching the available data. There are plenty of data on this topic readily available, which makes this task to appear particularly easy. Both official institutions and individuals have created a number of various visualisations, of various quality and various practical usefulness. I must […]
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